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Let’s get in touch

We don’t have any dedicated mailing-list or communication channel (yet?), but it should still be pretty easy to talk to us.

First of all, if you found a problem with our software or this website, then please report it. If you send us an email about a problem you are encountering, we’ll probably just ask you to open a bug report anyway.

However, if you want to discuss about anything related to our team, our projects, or even the Cangjie input method in general, you can reach us on one of the following forums.

For real-time chat, please please join the #linux-hk channel on the Freenode IRC network, say hi, and just ask about the Cangjians, or the specific project you are interested in. At least Mathieu Bridon (aka bochecha) hangs in there all day long, almost every day.

If you’d rather talk to us over email, you can send one to the mailing-list of the Hong Kong Linux User Group, and start the conversation over there.

And if you are in Hong Kong, feel free to use one of the above to get in touch and organize a real-life meetup over a drink. (especially if you’re inviting! :P)

In any case, please remember to remain polite and patient. We’re humans too, and we might sometimes be too busy to answer immediately. However, we promise to try our best to answer within a reasonable time frame.

Of course, we love receiving feedback on our software, both good and bad (as long as it remains polite and constructive), so don’t hesitate to contact us.